The Clump Cleaner

The tool for removing mascara clumps

What is The Clump Cleaner?

What is it?

A tool that works to remove excess mascara gunk and clumps from your brush before applying mascara.  Use it when the brush needs cleaning off, or use it daily to apply less mascara for a more natural look. 

Steps to use it

Use most any mascara - take the brush out of the tube and wipe the tip and excess back into the tube

1.   Place the part where the brush          meets the wand into one of the         holes in the tool  (The wand itself           will not fit!).  Choose a small hole        for more cleaning or smaller brushes, etc.

2.   Slowly pull the brush out through        the hole for even clump/gunk removal

3.    Wipe off any left on the tip on the          other side of the tool in the opening. 

Apply what's left until your eyelashes!

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The Clump Cleaner